KONY 2012. Time for Action.

Cross-posted from Not Just The Talks.
It’s been almost a month (29 days, actually) since the day I saw the #KONY2012 video first. And since then, this movement has had my support, whole-heartedly.
And it’s been more than 10 days since my photo was published in the ‘Times Life!’ supplement of the Times Of India, for my efforts regarding the same.
If you’ve seen the KONY 2012 video, by now you know that the D-day is 20th April, which is less than a fortnight from today. And thus, it’s time to begin the preparations.
Posters, bracelets, sign-boards, t-shirts… It’s all rolling and travelling through the world!
We may not be in USA and our actions might not count as much as theirs will, but whatever we do, in our little ways does count.
We can’t see injustice befallen on the people of Uganda. We can’t see them going through pain while we live our lavish lives in a much more peaceful country. We feel for them. We feel their pain. We feel their agony. And we understand their anguish.
Today, I request you, to do what you can, everything you can, to support us at NJTT to make a difference and stand up for humanity. On humanitarian grounds, stand by us. Do what the world expects you to do, the right thing.
It’s now or never.
If your choice is now, go ahead and pre-order a t-shirt, with us, boasting the KONY 2012 graphics and taglines, and wear it on the 20th April, to show your support.
We’ve designed a t-shirt, especially for NJTT supporters of KONY 2012 and we’d be glad to get it to you at the rates it gets to us to get it printed. A comprehensive post, regarding the same, will be posted by someone from the NJTT team, tomorrow, specifying the price, delivery and other details. If you are not sure, don’t post it till then. But, if you are sure you want that t-shirt, help us get the count and we’ll make sure you get your t-shirt well in time.
If you still want to do more, then get yourself a copy of the posters from here, unzip the folder, read the ‘Guide’ file, and get those posters printed. (You can also get these posters from our Facebook page.)
Paste them wherever you can, how many ever you can on the 20th. Reach out to the maximum number possible for you to, what you think would be a great number, achieve it.
I’ll be doing both of these and will expect all of you to, too. It’s the world we live in, the world we love, we’re talking about. Let’s make it a better place to live in, for ourselves, for the generations to come.
Paint your town/city red! Make Kony famous!
Stop at nothing. KONY 2012.
Update (09.04.2012): We are making the t-shirts happen. At 350/piece (inclusive of shipping). Order them here.
For more details, check this post on our FB page.

One response to “KONY 2012. Time for Action.

  • Shobha

    Dear Setu,Happy to see that your action plan starts. One of the options in your blog reactions is "made me think".. Your blog has really made me think something… They are my views..Think over, irrespective of you agree to it or not…You and your team are planning to make Kony famous by posting posters and T-shirts..Is it to make people aware about him??? What is our aim to make him famous??Becoming famous is getting "recognition". Recognition satisfies our finer ego.. if we are recognized for our good work, we are motivated to do more and more good work… Similarly, those who are recognized for their bad work, also will do more and more of bad work… just for the sake of recognition..Can this happen??? Can anybody tell me?Then the question still remains, how to help children and poor people of Uganda from suffering?? I am asking this question to myself as i also want to help them… Then, i think i should try to understand the living habits, circumstances, nature, country rules, economic and social condition of Uganda first…Shall we do something to help them get educated more and more, help them be financially independent by helping them learn some skills? make them more stronger to fight back not only 1 Kony but any no. of Konies or any such hazards and hurdles that come in their way of living life happily???In short, what i felt is we need to reach people of Uganda to see smile on their face… Through which other means??? May be my young Indian friends Setu, Pratik and their team members can suggest me…My support is always there with them for the work that they are doing for a good cause… Yes, we may differ in a way.. but final aim is same.- Shobha

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