>Shaitan – The Devil Within…


It’s been around 28 and a half hours, as I begin writing this, since I left the movie theatre after watching Shaitan. A last-minute plan which I, in the end, turned out to be really happy about. It was one hell of a movie, in a good way! And those who follow my blog must be knowing that I don’t linger on to write a post from when I am in the moment of action (a usual blogpost would set me back by 40-60 minutes, within 24 hours of the event or thought in my mind that I want to write about). This time, is an exception.

Shaitan, like many other Bollywood movies that have come by recently and made a mark, is another off-beat movie which doesn’t stick to the formula to make a movie ‘hit’ that many actors, production houses and directors follow, to earn and make business. Pretty much also the reason I wasn’t interested to watch in in the beginning (more about my Bollywood and movie interests in some other blog, later). Caught my interest later during the first week and then even more as the week ended. Turned out, I caught it the first movie in this week.

The gist of the movie is pretty simple. It’s the story of 5 friends in the backdrop of Mumbai and their life which revolved around money, booze, smoke, drugs and their definition of fun. On one such nights, they commit an accident and the story kicks off thereafter. Their trials to save themselves from the punishment of the mistake, things they plan, things they do and things that eventually happen… That’s what it’s all about. I know many of those who read this wouldn’t have watched it yet, and thus, I am not revealing more of the story, because boy, if you haven’t watched it yet, you need to watch it soon!! And for those who have seen it, need I say more, anyway?

As I left the cinema hall, I was faced with a wide range of emotions and thoughts. Took a ride to a restaurant at quiet a distance thereafter and was pretty lost in my thoughts all that time. Reason? There were just so many possibilities and incidences that plainly were justified by this movie, subtly.

I still remember watching cartoons on Cartoon Network and other kids’ channels when I was younger… It was a funny thing to watch the argument between the evil and angel side of a particular character as he fumbled over what he should be doing… Frankly, it had never crossed my mind since I last watched these that there possibly could be two sides to every person. The good and the bad. Seems awkward to believe. More so because we tend to generalize people’s behaviour over certain events and disapprove of otherwise. Somehow, it’s kinda true too.

Always wondered what’s it that makes some people act differently, in a more negative way, than the rest. Figured that it’s somehow related to what your thoughts that shape you, make you. The incidents that you face with as a child, the people who surround you while the thoughts in your mind begin forming and gaining a stance. A child of a terrorist would end up being a Jihadi more often than not, and the kid born to a clergy, would for obvious reasons be religious and/or spiritual. Pretty much, undisputably.

But, when I saw this movie, all of these seemed to go on the a back-foot. Though, these were the secondary reasons and will always be, how you think in the brink of the situation is what determines your action. It’s more about who from within the angel and the evil inside your head wins that will talk about what action you took. Basically, what I’m saying, and what I believe in is, it’s more a knee-jerk reaction than a thought process. May be the thought process induces that reaction, but, sometimes it may be otherwise, too! Surely possible. May be the evil would harm himself or the world. Or may be the angel would be a saviour to itself or the many others or some stranger… Possibilities thus, are endless.

This whole thing kept pondering in my mind for around hours after the movie got over and then I kept trying to relate it to everyday life and the examples that I have known, seen and have been a part of. Just to justify the way in which I was thinking… I came down to 2 incidents which simply proved a point to the above stated theories I had concluded at. You may call me a negative person because of what these examples are, but well, I’m rather lazy. When I saw that these 2 were just the examples I needed, I didn’t look out for more. Just didn’t!

1) There’s this guy I know. He made a very stupid mistake, got carried away once and hurt people whom he cared for, a lot. Without any indication, without any hint to anyone, out of guilt he punished himself over something that was forgiven very soon from the time of confession. This guy is someone very calm and thoughtful. Never has he done any other stupid thing. Pretty mature, too. And it was just that victory of the in-his-mind Shaitan that has left him in the pitiable condition he is in right now. (Don’t try to guess who.)

2) The second example is about another guy whose blog I read regularly. Anonymity has to be respected and thus I’m pasting the blog’s excerpt containing the incident, here. A very sincere, silent, jovial person by nature, hurt his mom over something very silly. May be it was his age that kept him immature then that he did something so distressing that he still regrets it 12-13 years after it happening…
Here’s his story in his own words (the excerpt from his blog):
“There was a boy in his -teens. Like every teenager he wished to enjoy his life like all his friends did. Like going for dinner, watching movies, getting stylish stationary and loads of other things. One particular day, a few guests had arrived at his house and he was getting bored of them. So he asked his mother if he could go out with his friends to watch the movie. Mother denied it because it was quite late to go for a movie. But the boy never really took her words seriously. He just had anger buring from within that his parents never gave him freedom. So as his mother went to sit on a chair, he pulled it. His mother did not react anything till the guests were gone and the boy too left the house. He cried and kept on complaining about his parents. But God had great ways of punishing his children. As the boy walked, a piece of glass stuck into his foot. He bleeded profusely. He went back home and cried harder only to find out that his mother was crying. The boy mistook that she was crying for him. So the boy never paid heed to the care of his mother. Irrespective of the boy’s cold attitude, his mother took good care of his foot. Next day, mother had gone to the doctor and took out the x-ray of her back. The reports were quite bad. She had broken her tail-bone. The doctor asked how did it happen and she replied that she slipped while climbing stairs. The boy’s father too asked her the same question and her reply was the same. The boy realised his mistake and cried harder and harder. It was because of his crime that she had to suffer so much.”

Pretty much justifies and wraps up what I meant to say…

It’s the moment, just that moment which usually makes all the difference. Not the one before that, not the one after it. The prior usually filled with confusion, the latter usually of guilt and regret or happiness and glee. It’s, as I always say, the result of the choice that we make. It’s just not about how you think, because you react from how you feel rather…

I guess it’s time we got into controlling our emotions better. I guess it’s time we got to seeing what we do as a spur or unconscious reaction too. It’s time to get a hold of ourselves.

But, regardless, you must accept, there’s always a Shaitan, a devil within us waiting for the first chance he gets to escape from the cages in your head… And then, then it would be difficult stopping him, just as depicted in Indian mythology…

You choose your driver… The evil or the angel…


P.S.: Don’t try to guess who are the examples I gave. And don’t ask me either. I hope this request of mine will be catered to.


2 responses to “>Shaitan – The Devil Within…

  • Bhavin

    >I liked your post. But while reading the climax of your post I felt as if something got stuck in my throat! I wouldn't comment much on this because that's put me on a blank state of mind. But your intentions were pretty good. And you got your words right!"You choose your driver… The evil or the angel…"Keep writing and keep enlightening… :)Regards,Bhavinhttp://www.blogsbybugs.blogspot.comhttp://www.blogsbybugs.wordpress.com

  • Shreenath Pillai

    >as usual……awesome……:)

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