>2010: Learning From What’s Happened…

>Well… This isn’t your usual look-back to the year that you usually read in the newspaper columns… This one’s different, pretty different, because here, I want to emphasize on those 12 events of the year, which left an effect on me. Drastic one too, probably. Those events from which I learned, from which I changed, from which, the world learned, from which, the world changed.

On to it then…

January, 2010

Haiti, 2010

It was a usual evening in Haiti, and one of the worst earthquakes of human history hit this small nation of the Caribbean Islands. Most of us out here in India, don’t even know where it is (confession: even I didn’t till it began making the headlines)… Probably not a big thing. Probably just your usual earthquake which Indonesia and Japan face every once in a while. But for me, this has one specific importance.

The whole of America came together to support this neighbour of theirs. In a world where people of neighbouring countries are more justified if they hate one another, a pre-dominantly white country, stood up for this country with a major black population and helped them just when they (people of Haiti) needed them… Love, people! Learn love! We are fighting here. We hate Pakistan, Israelis hate Palastenians, South Koreans hate North Koreans, Iraq hates America, Germany hates England… Where have we lost the love? Where has the essence of love which The Beatles’ lead vocalist, John Lennon, describes in his song ‘All We Need Is Love’ fade? Can a world live with hatred? Ask yourself…

February, 2010

A My Name Is Khan poster being vandalised.

Here, I want to refer to a previous post of mine, Beyond The ‘Khan’… A post about the face-off of the political party Shiv Sena and Shah Rukh Khan… An event which was broadly highlighted throughout Mumbai. Where the screening of the latter’s film, My Name Is Khan, was stalled in parts of the state just because of his comment about allowing Pakistani players play the commercial Indian Premier Leage. Despite the attempts to stall the release of his movie, the determination with which SRK stood on his word, and that he didn’t think he had done anything wrong by voicing his opinion to include the excluded players, is indeed remarkable, brave.

When will we get rid of this? Again about love. We always point out to people as from being of a particular caste, origin, state, religion and judge them to be a kind of someone else had been, some other time… Within a metropolitan like Mumbai, why does it even matter who is a person and where he is from till he can earn his own daily bread and butter, on his own legs? I find this discrimination plainly, stupid, idiotic and an attempt to break down the unity this country resides upon. Moving on.

March, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar, in action!

The big buck Indian Premier League begins! A billion viewers watch eight teams, of India’s most prominent eight cities battle it out on the field of Twenty-20 cricket… One of the biggest sporting events of the year in India (may be the biggest, too), it had its share controversies, happy moments and sad ones as it proceeded for the next 76 days. The moment where I fell for this event, when I knew this had to make it to the top news list, was whenever Sachin Tendulkar came onto the ground. He silenced the critics who criticized him blaming his age with his 200 not out knock in February, and proved his mettle as a captain, as a batsman, and as a support as he steered Mumbai Indians’ way to glory to the finals. The best finish the Mumbai team has had in the three seasons. Hail the Lord of Cricket!

It’s this determination, this action, this way of his that leaves people awe-struck. He silences every voice that raises against him with every run he scores on the field, with the brilliance and experience that only he has. As they say, ‘Let your work do the talking…’

April, 2010

Eyjafjallajokull after the eruption.

The mountain glacier volcano Eyjafjallajokull erupts in Iceland. The ash-cloud it creates disrupts air traffic from Europe and Asia to America, affecting and leaving tourists, travellers, and businesses stranded through the globe for almost a fortnight.

What does it mean? Nature stands tall, above human beings, and everytime humans try to say that it doesn’t, it’s easy for nature to showcase it’s real capabilities. Enough said, ain’t it?

May, 2010

Kasab, 26th November, 2009, CST.

Finally!! Ajmal Kasab trial convicts him guilty of the 26/11 Mumbai carnage… About 18 months later, the lone surviving terrorist responsible for killing over 50 people in cold blood is convicted guilty. Many delays, changes of his lawyers, pressure from the media, etc. etc. and the day when India cheered in harmony, had arrived. That was what it meant for every Indian, or at least, every Mumbaikar.

It resembles hope to me. In a country with over crores of cases, delayed or no justice, and corrupt officials and bureaucracy, the delivery of a verdict in such an important case, in such a short period, surely is very significant! (Not forgetting that it took 15 years for the verdict of the 1993 Mumbai riots case.) Isn’t that victorious?

June, 2010

South Africa 2010!

The much-awaited FIFA World Cup, 2010, South Africa! Viva Africa! While the world tuned into K’naan’s Wavin’ Flag and Shakira’s Waka Waka, 32 teams from the globe battled it out at 10 state-of-the-art stadiums of this country which has risen to glory under one man and it’s Father, Nelson Mandela, it was a joy to watch. Though the big teams like Argentina, Portugal, England had a dismal exit, the Spaniards took the World Cup home, just as they were expected to. Not to forget the astounding performances by Netherlands (runner-ups) and Uruguay (fourth place), especially Diego Forlan. These were the dark horses of the World Cup.

Again signifying hope and change, this world-class event turned tables for South Africa, and put it on the top of sports through the globe. All thanks to one man, Nelson Mandela, for his never ending efforts to lift the country from where imperialism had left it, in the dungeons.

July, 2010

An Inception poster.

The month of Inception. The most-awaited movie of the year, which went on to top all the all-time best movies charts just as it released, there’s no denying that this was one masterpiece from Christopher Nolan. The way Leonardo Di’Caprio acts, the way it has been directed, the story it has, everything is sure to leave a movie-buff in awe as he leaves the movie theatre!

Lots to say about it, little space. In short, it explores the capability of the human mind, more so when it’s asleep, and how it can be used to destruct someone by stealing or creating an idea there. A gem of a movie, without a doubt!

August, 2010

Hiroshima, 6th August, 1945.

The 65th anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic attacks. The two days which the world mourns. The result of which is still seen in every new generation that takes birth in these cities. The small Asian country, situated in one extreme of the world, suffered because of. It was as if Japan had lost everything at that moment in 1945. But they denied to accept loss. And stood up again, as The Land Of The Rising Sun, to grow as the quality suppliers of technology and innovation, as also went on to be only the biggest economy in the world, second to only, the United States Of America.

Their motto, it seems, was to prove to America that they won’t bow in front of it. They won’t shudder. That they will rise on their own legs, and voila! They did! Shine like the sun, Japan, forever!

September, 2010

Logo and mascot, Shera, of 2010 Common Wealth Games, Delhi.

The month of scams. The month when India’s poor face was smacked in the global media first because of poorly developed stadia for the Common Wealth Games with less than 30 days to go, and later, with the stories of corruption and its magnitude (as if anyone in India didn’t know it had occurred!) rocked, India’s face bent down in shame. Though reports had begun coming through since late July, their scale was escalated only now. It was followed by numerous other scams being revealed which led to the Chief Minister of Maharshtra, Minister of Telecom, among other biggies to step-down of their posts.

A perfect time to put down my proposal of a desi-version of WikiLeaks. What else do you need in a country with thousands (or even lakhs) of crores of currency lost in the hands of corrupt officials. This was even my status on one of the social networking website, recently, and one of my friends jovially commented, ‘That’s surely not possible, truly speaking, there’s not enough space for such a huge website on the world wide web!!’ Well, that explains the amount of Leaks there would be, and how aware we citizens are! The number of hackers in India aren’t few, right? Hit it!

October, 2010

Sania Nehwal with her Common Wealth Games Gold.

Sania Nehwal, India’s very own badminton ace, won a gold for India at the Common Wealth Games, 2010, and moved a step upwards towards the top rank in the world rankings. Her winning streak continued with the Guangzhou Asian Games and she became a name of every household through the country for winning the laurels she did, and making India proud.

This is one such event that is an exemplary example of breaking-the-barriers, to-walk-on-the-road-less-taken. Not many people in India would go on to pursue their ambition of being a sportsperson, and even lesser would it be for women. But she, did it. And there she is today, among the top three of the world, waving the Indian flag proudly at almost every Badminton competition of the world…

November, 2010

WikiLeaks, homepage.

WikiLeaks! They simply rock! As I mentioned in September about the need for a WikiLeaks for India, what they have done to America, is unpardonable for the government, and their government is unpardonable for the citizens there, after they came to know about the facts which WikiLeaks revealed. For those who don’t know, WikiLeaks is a website dedicated to leaking secret documents of the world. As their motto reads, ‘We help you safely get the truth out.’ It’s one website where people can post whatever they know about the different confidential documents affecting the people, anonymously. It’s thus hated by the government United States of America (which is worst hit because of this) and many went on to call its founder Julian Assange, as the cyber Osama Bin Laden!

For someone like me, he’s an inspiration to be fearless, to be free, to exercise the right to freedom and information, and help the people and world together, too. That’s what Julian Assange has done, he has begun a revolution and proved that people don’t want such documents to be a secret, they want to know the truth that affects them! So be it.

December, 2010

Foggy New Delhi airport.

While the world got ready to celebrate Christmas, bid adieu to 2010, and welcome the new year, nature, again, decided to show why it can’t be ignored. Temperatures dipped through the globe, with blizzards hitting cities and Mumbai, Delhi, New York experiencing their coldest winters in a long time. The fog at Delhi disrupted air traffic, while blizzard and 20 inches deep snow in New York, froze the city. Effects of global warming, eh?

That leaves me wondering… Where are we heading? The temperature scale reaches new extremes upwards and downwards every year… We won’t change our habits, efforts to reduce pollution, global warming, go down the drains… Where are we heading? Surely we aren’t heading anywhere in this world. The world won’t be a place to live in for much longer if this goes on… Serious amendments are required on our part… Time to open our eyes… Mine are stunned open, no doubt.

So, that’s wrapping the year, 2010. Wishing everyone who reads this a very Happy New Year, may it fill your life with happiness, prosperity, and realization of all your dreams and wishes… And for those who don’t read this, I don’t wish anything different for you all either…

Greetings of the season!



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  • Bhavin Shah

    >I can see how seriously you have taken up writing. Just one word to describe… Masterpiece! :DI am just too proud that I am associated with you. Kudos, buddy! Well written. The best part about this post has been the professional approach towards the subject. This is how a newsmaker presents the subject. I am super impressed. That's all for now. Keep writing and make all of us feel proud of your masterpieces! :DDecember 31, 2010 at 10:09am on Facebook-Bhavin aka Bugshttp://blogsbybugs.blogspot.com/

  • Dipesh Shah

    >AmenDecember 31, 2010 at 10:58am on Facebook

  • Sanjay Shah

    >Very good summary.Keep it up, great son!

  • Divya

    >its fantastic!!!!u knw wht…no 1 will believe tht u r 17!!lyk u write lyk sum vry experiencd man!!!!none of ur sentence is childish or nethng lyk tht….its jst perfect!!!!1:29 on 31st Dec, 2010 on Yahoo! Messenger, through IM.

  • Pratik

    >THATS A CRACKER OF A BLOG!AWESOMME!Amazing job!not exactly the "minute read", but it was worth every minute i spent on it…2:34 on 1st January, 2011 on Yahoo! Messenger, through IM.

  • Shobha

    >- I wonder how come you gathered and integrated all memories of an year? – Excellent G.K.- Love, hope, compassion, positive emotions to conclude and learn makes me happy the most.- You are an all rounder.- God has blessed you with creativity. I am grateful to him. – Keep it up.

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