> There are moments when from within the crowd,
Stands up a person who was once a no-one,
And then he sets out to touch the skies,
Just to come to know as ‘Someone’…

I have been there once when I was little,
Stood up and fell down as everyone,
Tried and succeeded, fought and lost,
Never cheated, and in the end, I was ‘Someone’…

Until when I had a choice to make,
From wanting to be someone to everyone,
A cynosure, a public figure, may be, even a celebrity,
To being something for the one, everything to ‘Someone’…

I chose what pleased my heart,
While the head kept saying number one,
Today the world doesn’t remember who I was,
Just because I chose the love of ‘Someone’…!


Just another poem… Just a few lines which were destined to be…


About Setu Shah

Hello there. I am Setu Shah. I began blogging to put my opinions and my views in front of the world. Do comment if you find it interesting or request a change! Happy Reading! View all posts by Setu Shah

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