>When I First Saw You…

>When I first saw you,
I never even gave it a thought,
That I could fall for you,
But, to me, happiness was something you brought.

Every moment spent with you,
Brought nothing but satisfaction to me,
Every word spoken by you,
Felt like a new world altogether.

Lonely nights faded into bliss,
Love took over hate and envy,
Ecstasy draped all around the mist,
And I came to terms with joy.

When I first saw you…
The first poem I penned down… Wrote it more than a year back… And the reason it comes up today… Well… Let’s just say…

When I First Saw You :)…


About Setu Shah

Hello there. I am Setu Shah. I began blogging to put my opinions and my views in front of the world. Do comment if you find it interesting or request a change! Happy Reading! View all posts by Setu Shah

2 responses to “>When I First Saw You…

  • Bhavin Shah

    >Simple poem but speaks so much volume in depth… I can connect wid dis poem. Yeah. :DWell written boy but I wud suggest u polish dis poem b4 reposting it. But da bottomline is IT MADE ME SMILE AND IT MADE MY DAY! I felt s if I was back in …time! :DI m short of words but full of emotions! :DNovember 2, 2010 at 10:55am-Bhavin aka Bugshttp://blogsbybugs.blogspot.com

  • Shruti Sawant

    >Nice start!November 2, 2010 at 11:24am on Facebook

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