>Happy Birthday, my blog!

>I still remember that day… I was reading Blogs by Bugs, the blog of one of my dearest friends, Bhavin Shah, that fateful afternoon… And suddenly, a thought, a wish, a desire ran through me… I wanted to have my own blog!

And so here I am… With my own blog, and almost 50-odd regular followers… That’s Setu’s Blog today!

When I wrote my first blog, way back on 3rd September, 2009, I wasn’t sure what blogging was all about. The only thing I knew was, I wanted to have a medium through which I could take my thoughts, opinions and ideology, to the world. I was (and still am) an amateur writer. A teenager who just had gotten out of school, and all he wrote there was 300-word essays on imposed topics! That was a time I couldn’t be creative… Whatever I write, even today, is raw, unpolished stuff in my opinion… But, that’s just me…

I didn’t know much about how to write, what to write etc. I just knew, I wanted to write… Whatever I felt… Whatever I believed in… Whatever I thought… Whatever I knew… And with every new blog, I kept learning. To write, to express, to speak, to accept, and to try and get better…

When I began this blog, I had hoped I would reach some 100 blogposts until the first year… (I had a crazy frequency of 8 posts a month for the first month!) Later on, time and resource restrained me and the numbers went down… I compromised to 50… And today, I stand at this being my blogpost number 39… Couldn’t even complete 40! But that doesn’t deter me… Because whenever I sit down to write a new post, I know what I have to write… I know what I feel about the topic… And I know how to express myself the best to my abilities… And so, beyond a point, these numbers don’t matter to me… Because I know whatever little I write, however infrequent I am, I will try my best to do justice to that topic…

Every time I decide to write about a subject, thoughts begin to form in my mind about what to write, the whole post, etc. until I actually begin writing… And what amuses me is the fact that no post turns out the way think about it… I don’t ever write it the way I have thought before… It just turns out completely new, different… And I just seem to like it even more…

With every blogpost I wrote, I had comments pouring in, on the blog, on Facebook, on tweets, on e-mails, etc. And all of them just made me feel better about what I wrote… They all encouraged me to keep writing… And the most encouraging moment was when one of my posts was published in a magazine! Well, that can actually boost you like anything… I actually began believing that I did write some what good after that day…

If you follow other blogs, you may know that blogging is a wide arena. Some people blog about their opinions about the headlines of the day, some are dedicated to specific categories, some are just photo-blogs, and some even say about the schedule of the day and the few things they learnt that day… I still am trying to figure out what I write about… Because I have always written anything and everything… Ranging from the reviews of books and movies, my interest in muzik (it isn’t a typo, I prefer it that way), astronomy, literature, festivals, my opinions during some major contorversy of the time, my idea about some confused facts, etc., etc…. The list is unending. Quiet frankly, all of the topics actually popped out to me out of the blue… I never went searching for a topic, in the true sense… It always was like when I saw, felt or heard about something and I went, “Hey! I want to write a post on that!” And I just did it…

There are these two important people in my life whom I have to mention here… Because of their support, trust, faith, guidance and help, I am what I am today… And they are Divya Desai, my best friend, and Bhavin Shah, my mentor… This blog is theirs as much as it is mine… Because if not for either of them, my writing dream would have been incomplete today…

Some people ask me how has blogging changed me, my life? It’s simple… I found a hobby, a mouth-piece… It’s something that has shaped me into myself, carved my personality… Today people know me as Setu, even though I don’t have a big fan-following. It has helped me know my forte… And it’s something I can proudly call my own…!

And the success with my blog was the main reason I actually began writing my maiden novel, The Girl. Well, as of now, it is in a nascent stage, but still, that’s the plant I want to nourish…

It has been a long way in the last one year… And will be a longer way henceforth… But I am sure I will make it through… Because my thoughts will never stop… And hopefully neither my writing…!



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