>Dreams – The Reality…

>Two of the most antithetic, contradictory words… Dreams and reality. And when I use them together in the title, that’s sure to attract a few raised eyebrows…

One of them talks about the reality we want, and the other is a picture of the reality that exists… Both, paradoxical to each other.

But yes, I am still talking sane. The reality of the dreams, or, the dreams of the reality… The way you put it, is how you would perceive it.

One of the most fascinating topics for me, has always been the occurrence of dreams, the reasons behind them, the connections they have to reality… And may be that’s the reason, dreams are the real game-benders in my to-be-maiden-novel ‘The Girl’.

Even so, I have been on a constant look-out for reasoning as to where, how, which and when do dreams affect us. It’s really a very faint and vivid memory that we have most of the times, but, the effects are drastic. That’s disturbing, at times.

I have always been someone who looks out for information… And when I realized that Inception was one such movie which would offer me help on this subject, I couldn’t hold myself to watch it at the earliest! The presence of Leonardo DiCaprio, Christopher Nolan’s direction and the hype created around this big budget flick were other stimulants which made me watch the movie at the first opportunity I got.

I won’t review the movie here. The reviews are available from various people in the international film fraternity in every nook and corner of the web… But, here I wish to talk about what I felt, how I can relate to it and what I think about it…

The first and foremost that comes to my mind, is a simple fact that has been highlighted even in the movie. The beginning of any dream is something you never remember… A fact, observed. We may still remember the middle parts and the end of the dream, but, how we landed there, how it all began, is the craziest mystery…

Again, where the story actually begins. Extraction. It’s just like stealing… An idea, a thought, a memory process. That’s all about just stealing. And still, not knowing that it’s already lost! And to my knowledge, that happens in real life too. May be not through forceful dream sharing and sedatives, but, by the simple wish and desire to let someone know something, but being reluctant to tell them ourselves… This does happen…

And then finally comes the art of Inception! Don’t we sow the seeds and ideas in our own heads? Deep into our past, somewhere, some thought, some idea, some realization has lead us to what we are today… Every action, every part of the behaviour we demonstrate, every series of thoughts, everything just doesn’t stem up from nowhere… It has a reason. And that reason is from our very own Inception to our own subconscious. Somewhere, someday… And this is not something that I am saying out of the blue… I can see that those thoughts which came to me when I was ten or twelve, those dreams, their effects. Those are what have made me ‘me’ today.

It’s an addiction. Once you begin dreaming, thinking, convincing yourself, you end up doing it again and again, even without knowing that you are doing it! That’s the Inception of out lives…!

Pretty much into the movie, all of us do doubt the existence of reality or being in a dream… I doubt the reality of this world that’s so-called ‘ours’. Our civilization (which is no more civilized, painfully). Is it possible that we are actually just sharing a dream of this world? That we really exist somewhere else and live here? That we are just the projections or we are sharing the dream of someone superior, who is the play-maker? That there is someone who has designed and planned it all? That these years that we spend here, would seem like minutes when we get back there? That when we die, we wouldn’t end up really dying, but just waking up? That when we are dreaming (not day-dreaming), that’s just a dream within a dream? Or even multiple layers of dreams? That this probably isn’t the real world? That the real world is free from the pain, sadness and all negative emotions that are just ‘projected’ out here? That this is just to teach us how we should live like humans when we wake up in the world we can then make for ourselves? Is this for our enlightenment? To open our eyes to what would happen do if we spoilt our real world like this? Is it so?

This is something that I am desperately, inquisitively wanting to know…

Do tell me if you find the answer!

Sie sehen!


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