>Broken Solitude…

>When I look at the moon,
In the glittering sky,
Between the twinkling stars,
I can hear its lonely cry.

When I look at the sun,
In full glow,
I can feel the heat,
But with it the tears flow.

That’s how life is,
Slow and brute,
Awake but existing,
Through every feud.

Some trust lost,
A heart broken,
Within those few moments,
Our life was shaken.

Fear is no where,
Neither is life,
The reasons for dreaming,
Die with that cry.

Hands to hold,
People to talk,
That’s what’s gone,
And in came, the lone walk.

A short distance,
That now seems long,
Without you,
Everything seems wrong.

Fear kills the body,
Love heals the soul,
Asperous is life,
Not at all devoré.

I inhibit guilt,
Dare to live,
To face this loneliness,
I am still not brave.

Still not tired,
Will be waiting,
For your return,
My heart’s beating.

Hope still survives,
Trust keeps alive,
But in the end,
This is my broken solitude…


My third poem… A clear expression of the state I’m in…


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