>As I Wait For You…

>Under the scorching sun,
As I wait for you,
With a broken heart,
That still beats for you.

I look into the crowd,
For a known face.
And in the mirror,
To see my own disgrace.

And all I find wherever I go,
Is just you and your memories lost.
Every moment, every memory,
That’s all that’s left in me.

Tears have dried,
The laugh has faded.
In a monotone of black,
Life has evaded.

Never had I thought,
I would be so involved.
Never had I believed,
That even I could grieve.

And losing you has brought,
Nothing to me.
Pleasure in pain,
Is all that remains.

With you,
Without you,
I remember how it feels,
To be around you.

And still your face,
Captured in my closed eyes.
Every night,
That’s just alone to be.

In the wake of every dawn,
I hope to see you.
At the break of every day,
I close my eyes to feel you.

Seasons change,
From autumn to rain.
But colours in my life,
Still remain the same.

Rain swept the colours of life,
In a jiffy, that we painted in smiles.
And there’s no horizon or rainbow,
Neither a bed to cater to the wounded me.

Am tired of disguise,
Tired of this game.
Where all I have to do,
Is be in the frame.

I want to shout and fumble,
Be myself.
But even that I can’t,
Because I was myself with just you.

I still don’t repent,
Nor do I torment.
I won’t cry if this is how,
Destiny is ought to be.

Pain seems unending,
Life seems a standstill.
And the distance seems killing,
As I Wait For You…

This is my second attempt at poetry… Just something I wrote… Just something I felt…


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