>Everyday… Every hour… Every minute… Every second… We feel a long string of emotions. Like, a small incident, a little change, and the emotions we feel, turn out to be completely different from the ones a few moments back… They change by a major!

Sometimes I love to think… Was life simpler when we were younger? Like the pre-teens and when double digit ages had just begun? And, yes… Life was easier… The reason I can cite is simple. The emotions we feel, the reasons that change and affect our emotions were few. There were just two simple words to describe emotions… Happiness or sadness.

Simply said… Simply understood, even…

And today? Life changed within these almost four years after getting into the teens… May be even this is a process of growing up. And if it’s so, those elder to me, must be facing even more a deal managing their emotions!

The simple happiness, the expressions of joy, just got so many names and expressions… Happiness, joy, gay, grin, smile, laughter, wink, curved-up smile, excitement… Sadness has changed to just being plain sad, pained, hurt, glum, tired, broken, troubled, tormented… And then there are those emotions which fall in neither and are very new to us… Indifferent, guilt, anger, pale face, straight face, confusion… And the list is endless…

Just so many different emotions and feelings!

And the reason we can feel so many things together, is surely our maturity. I still remember the time in my fourth and fifth grades… When I used to sit quietly when I was sad and was never able to figure out what was the reason for that mood… At least today I know what is the reason… Why I feel what I feel…

Most of the emotions are strange… Peculiar… Sometimes, even felt for the first time… But, we soon find a word to describe it perfectly (courtesy: the wide vocabulary of English language, my preferred medium)…

Again… Mood changes… Swings by… And mood-swings during teenage are a common affair according to my knowledge, my experience.

Things don’t seem as easy as they are… Life seems difficult… Emotions seem unmanageable… In the end, all of it is taken care of by time…

Keeping a tab of these is the most tiring of it all. There are those friends of ours who help us when we need them, and just are with us otherwise, to share our happiness… These actually are those who ‘feel’ our emotions…

They say emotions travel in vibrations… According to what I have found, it’s true… If you are really close to a person, you would know when the person is sad… Unhappy… In need… In pain… And even when the person is happy…

Miracle? Magic? Co-incidence? Guess? Fluke? I don’t know… I believe it’s all just… Emotions…



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Hello there. I am Setu Shah. I began blogging to put my opinions and my views in front of the world. Do comment if you find it interesting or request a change! Happy Reading! View all posts by Setu Shah

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