>It’s All About The Eyes…

>Hello readers,

It’s been quiet some time since I have been observing people and their eyes and trying to understand what they really mean to say behind those words. Here today, I just am trying to tell what ‘eyes’ of different people have told me without words…

I believe eyes are the most pure and expressive organs of the body. Any feeling that we feel, our heart feels, like happiness, sadness, love, hate, like, dislike, anger, fury, satisfaction, joy, fear, confusion, contrast, envy, loss, pain, greed, rage, grievance, confidence, etc. are just perfectly expressed by our eyes. Anything we do, what we feel when we do it, what we expect the reaction to be, everything, is just expressed through our eyes… We may control our words and actions to dupe someone, but our eyes, they just don’t listen to our brain!

Sometimes, everything happens as we want it to. At other times, it may be contrary. And we end up being disappointed. Although we don’t want to let the person know it’s so, we control our tone, volume, speech so as to ensure that the person doesn’t come to know, but, if the person knows you well, the person can surely see it in our eyes that we are disappointed. It’s this feeling that I guess we all should live for! Someone who stares into our eyes and tells us what we feel even without we saying a word.

I believe eyes can also speak leaps and bounds about the character and nature of a person. What they really are, what they really want, need, feel, etc. A few eyes tell us that there’s a joy in them, their life, others tell us about the pain and problems in their lives. They speak about the people we know, people we want to know, what we feel for them, how much we feel for them, what they mean to us… They talk to us about our inner self and how the events of the past have changed and influenced our present and might even do that for the future.

Sometimes, it feels like someone really wants us to be there, by their side, but won’t ask us to be just because of the fear of rejection or ego. Some other times, it feels like someone asks us to be there but doesn’t really feel so. It’s asked just as another formality.

And let’s face it. We have a thousand dreams, a thousand questions, a thousand expectations, a thousand wishes, a thousand problems. And every moment in the life, we have a thousand emotions running through us. The obvious question would be, do the eyes reflect every emotion? I say, yes, they do. We fail to realize that our eyes don’t listen to us. They listen to our feelings. They are very allusive. Completely alien to the world we live in where a display of vulnerability means that you would well be taken advantage of. But still, our eyes reveal it all.

It’s this expression and ability of eyes that leaves me dumbfounded. The eyes of different people, whoever they may be, friends, foes, strangers, speak a million unheard words. And not just to me, it’s to everyone. May be because I have evolved myself to this ability that it feels strange. It is strange because sometimes you just know what the person might say to you, even to a stranger.

And I always end up wondering what my eyes say to everyone around me. Although, till today, no one has ever told me, I just keep thinking about it. Is it the happiness that they reflect, or the problems that I face, or the neutral facet. It’s very compelling and yet an ignorable fact of life as to what we show ourselves as to the world through our eyes.

It is so peculiar yet an attribute the almighty has conferred us with. To just see someone and know what runs through them, through their heart. It is just too different and difficult to perceive. But, even more difficult is the task of trusting your competence to be correct at it. It’s something that works with the heart and eyes.

Within the scope of whatever I have been exploring, I have understood one thing. There can be no two people with the same set of feelings, ideas, mindsets, thoughts, opinions and everything in between. It’s always different for everyone. And that’s what simply makes us into what we are. Our eyes tell others what we are.

And so, I am a firm believer of the phrase… It’s all about the eyes…


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