>Beyond The ‘Khan’…

>Hello everyone,

To be frank, I was not sure if I should write on this topic. I talked about it to a friend who brought back the zeal in me and reminded me that blogging is all about speaking your heart out… So, here I go…

It’s been pretty long now since this debate is going on, Shiv Sena or Shah Rukh Khan? And, Mumbai has already shown it’s choice as I begin writing this blog. All the movie theatres are running to full houses and the sound of the people is crystal clear.

This spirit of Mumbai, to support the right, remains undaunted.

With a wish to spring in to the headlines of all the newspapers and news channels, the supremo of Shiv Sena (the orange brigade), Mr. Balasaheb Thackeray, commented about the so-called ‘unpatriotic’ behaviour of Shah Rukh Khan (SRK or Khan from now on). And, it goes simply to say that it was the simple goal. After all, the kid whom he nourished in politics (Raj Thackeray), has been making the top stories recently.

Seen as a publicity stunt, it was a ‘drive’ according to them to oppose Mr. Khan’s opinion that Pakistani players should be included in the Indian Premier League, better known as IPL. And, what wrong did he say? An event of a kind, IPL is one of the most-watched cricket events worldwide because of the simple inclusion of players from all over the world.

Even then, belying the simple meaning of humanity, and associating every citizen of Pakistan with terrorism and ineffective steps taken by their government, is surely unacceptable. This act of the Sena led to a war of words between the supremo and his son Uddhav on one side, and SRK on the other. The whole Bollywood and India stood alongside him, but, no one had the courage to go and face the opponents directly.

And so it was, the battle for influence in Mumbai took its birth.

Could the Sena find a better time? I guess not. The King Khan had a movie release slated within a fortnight within the inception of this controversy. When someone won’t bend down to us, we can hold on to their necks and make them do. This is what the Sena thought of doing. An old Indian political tactic, I must say.

Aaaah! Much to their disappointment, it was more a share with reality. It came along with people going ahead and booking their tickets refraining from the threat.

While the state government washed its hands off it, and was trying to know whodunnit, and Sena keeping its stand on, it all came back to SRK to either go down to the demand of apology for just another flick of his career. Well, as Sena would have thought, it was an SRK movie after 18 months. And, so, he and his fans would me more than eager to have it released.

Trust me, if it was to happen this way, SRK would lose all the respect he has earnt over the years. At least from me.

Much to Sena’s disappointment, SRK stuck to his stand and didn’t let go off his integrity. That’s what I call bravery!

It became a very debated topic for everyone. And, then finally, it was released to fear and anticipation. Sainiks are known for causing destruction to property which was the reason, at one time, the release was called-off in Mumbai.

But, it finally went well. The movie’s released, is running great, and the Shiv Sena has lost its name in the headlines everywhere!

As I await the movie and while it runs to the best, there’s one thing that I am sure about. As I have said in my previous posts, we will be truly humane when we begin supporting the truth and right. And, I guess the revolution has begun. Thank you Mr. Balasaheb Thackeray for enlightening us on the topic of what truth is and whom we should support!

So, it teaches me that it’s beyond who you are, what you are, what you do, that humanity springs from, that your values spring from. It’s more about how core your values are and how much you can imbibe by them even in your trying times. This is a lesson we have always been told to learn. But, SRK proved it to us by walking on this path himself. Hail King Khan!

And it just goes Beyond The ‘Khan’…


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