>My Idea Of The Almighty

>Hey there,

Discaimer: This post is surely going to be another dose of an eye-opener or an attempt to understand a cynic’s (like many people like to state me as) point of view. I’d rather I warn you before I am blamed for. And, these are purely my point of views which have undergone very minor changes since their birth in my brains. None of this is fiction. It’s just the reality, in my opinion. No harm intended to anyone or any religion.

Right, then. To the post.

Almighty, God, Allah, Lord, Jesus, Bhagwan, Upparwala, Dev, Lama, Buddha… A thousand names for that one supreme being. Like I have said in my previous posts, there surely is a supreme power, but, as you might have noticed (if you follow) that I have refrained from naming him. And, the explanation to it lies herein.

For the starters, I am tired of listening to this story… God is one. All are his forms and ways to reach out to his mass. He loves all the people equally. He wants to make the world a better place to live in. And it goes on and on…

If it’s so, why do we make different sculptures and pictures of him? It’s his forms right? He’s one, right? Then why are we fighting over his name, his background, his birth, his existence? If he was ‘one’, wouldn’t he preach ‘love’? And, if he did, where did the teaching of ‘love’ fade?

These questions had me hooked on to them ever since the first time I thought about them. Seems like I finally have the answer.

With time, the teachings from that prophet or incarnation of God and enlightened souls, went through the mouths of many monks and religious gurus. In the passage of time, there were additions and edits to these teachings.

And, the different religions got divided on the basis of their beliefs not knowing that all of these stem from just one message of the almighty, Love and Peace.

Names were given, partitions were made, beliefs were empowered over truth. The next goal: Superiority. Not of themselves, but, of the cause (read: religion) they ended up creating.

This gave birth to the various religious battles we have witnessed and the struggle for superiority.

That’s where our love was torn apart. That’s where our the battle for peace was fought with blood. That’s where taking a life just to see your religion above it didn’t seem faulty. That’s where the religious structures faced the most severe threat from everything but a natural calamity.

Well, you might say, there are even those which preach non-violence. Yeah, they do.

If stimulating the angry thoughts and hate sentiments is non-violence, it’s it. If encouraging silent protests and long glares at the one who practices a different religion is non-violence, it’s it. If saying our religion is the most superior and repeating till you are forced to believe it is non-violence, it’s it.

I never seemed to understand where all this comes from, where all this is rooted, where are these mysteries detangled and I end up at one answer… It’s all in the brain. If you step out with an open mind, looking for the answers, you get these.

And, my idea of Almighty? It’s simply two words. Love and Peace. That’s what the supremo of this world would want. I believe it. May be even you do. But, not with a deep-rooted belief in your head that my religion, the religion I follow is superior, has better principles and values, is more ethical and devoted.

So, that’s where I am. I follow the religion of ‘humanity’ which teaches me to be humane, to love, to care, to walk on the path of peace and happiness, of not just me, but, of the entire world. May be, it isn’t easy to walk on this path knowing the whole world is divided on the basis of the ‘good’s and the ‘bad’s which indeed are relative to every person I meet. But, I don’t seem to care enough about it.

It is rather a lone start. May be not many on my side. May be not any. But, I do firmly believe that some day the world will wake up, to the fact that we face, beyond these superficial boundaries that we have set and accept the simple truth and learning of ‘Love and Peace’.

And I wait for that prophet who would do that to the world…



4 responses to “>My Idea Of The Almighty

  • Rashmi Shah

    >really awesome ,amazing :):)

  • Bhavin

    >First things first… There are talks. There are lectures. And there are sermons. But I am glad that this post doesn't land up at any of these categories. If it lands anywhere then it's just at one place "Bang on Target". There is a thin line between saying wat u feel and compelling others for wat u feel. I m glad dat I aint compelled. I like this idea of oneness for all religions. Want 2 write more abt it. But I juz hope dat I m able 2 post on ur blog.Regards,(Ever bugging) Bugs.www.blogsbybugs.blogspot.com

  • Harshita

    >tooo GOOD….. superb! =)February 6 at 9:26pm

  • Kunal

    >loads of support! 🙂

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