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The essence of any relationship… The binding factor of the hearts… The most important ingredient in the life of an individual. That’s trust.

Trust is the basis the whole world relies upon. All the so-called values are, in my opinion, derived from ‘Trust’. If you can trust yourself, you can be a person with integrity. If you trust others, you can be honest to them. If you can trust someone, you can be dependant on them. If you can trust your abilities, you can be courageous.

When we first hear the word, the first visual that pops-in to our minds is the last time someone whom we trust, hurt us. And the glass thus always remains half empty.

And, I can go on saying that trust isn’t easily done, you need to know someone before trusting them, you should be confident of a person, don’t trust anyone blindly, etc. etc. How false! There’s just one thing, I believe, that’s a pre-requisite for placing trust in a person and that is, one conversation. You can’t trust someone unless you have had a conversation with them. And, within that tete-a-tete, you know if you can or you can’t.

I recently read a quote saying, ‘Trusting someone is giving them the ability to destroy you completely, but, knowing they won’t.’ That’s the truth. But, rather a bitter one. Why? Just because it just is an optimist’s way of saying, ‘If someone breaks my trust, I am destroyed.’

And when someone does break the trust, we are hurt, betrayed, lost, and it seems like you can’t trust anyone ever again. It’s only soon that you realize that trust can be broken unknowingly too and that you can’t keep everything to yourself, nor can you punish the rest of the world for the mistake which was made by one of the six-billion odd population of the earth! You just soon get over it. May be you won’t forget, but, you learn to forgive.

The fact of the matter is, that sometimes, how much ever pain the one who broke your trust goes through, it is never perceived. It just gets hidden behind the pain we feel because ‘our’ trust was breached. Our vision just gets blurred.

A bit into the routine life, you realize it wasn’t that difficult to trust even that person again… The wounds heal over time because at one point of time, that person became a worthy part of you life, for the very fact that you trusted them.

When you trust someone, you just don’t have to measure your words to know if the person in front of you should know this or not. And, if you feel so for someone, I bet you can trust that person blindly.

Even a blind guy can trust and be trusted. So, trust surely doesn’t need vision. Hence, it’s proved that trust can be placed blindly.

It’s only after attaining maturity that we realize that our whole world runs on these five letters forming a word called ‘Trust’. In school or college, you ‘trust’ a teacher to teach you the best. In an office, the boss ‘trusts’ his employees and colleagues. In a cab, you ‘trust’ the cab driver to take you to your destination safely. In the army airplane of another country, carrying the weapons and ammunition, we ‘trust’ it not to end up bombing us itself. In those summits that are held every year, the heads-of-states ‘trust’ their counterparts to arrive to a solution. The examples are endles… And so are the times when we end up trusting someone.

Okay, there surely is a difference between the trust you place on a cab driver and that a U. S. President would place on the Indian Prime Minister. But, still, the concerned information must be shared completely, without a glitch. Unless you tell the cab driver to take you to a destination, and ‘trust’ him with the route to take, you end up getting frustrated and feeling cheated. If the scientists over the world, stop working in synchronization, the world won’t be so fast in discoveries, as everyone would have to end up at the same result over long periods of time.

Yes, I end it on the global level just because it’s the whole globe which revolves around us, and not just the ones who are associated to us. Every action of trust and mistrust makes a difference to the society as a whole and not just our own selves. And that’s where we end up developing or collapsing a society…

It’s just the usual for a friend to say to another, ‘I trust you.’ Even we say that frequently. But, how many times do we really mean it? It’s just when someone asks you an uncomfortable question that you tell them directly, ‘I don’t trust you enough for you to know this,’ or we just sideline the question. Whenever next you do this, ask yourself, do you trust the person? Because I don’t think trust can be measured. It’s simply a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’, without a ‘Can’t Say’ category.

So, next time you tell someone, ‘I trust you,’ just give these thoughts a shot, and measure for yourself how true they are.

The truth prevails… The candle of trust remains lambent…


2 responses to “>Trust

  • Bhavin

    >Now this comes as a shocker. Juz in the morning I read 'Infidelity' and right now I read 'Trust'. Strange but definately a good one by you. Strange, pretty strange! I am still wondering if it's just coincidence.I wud bank upon 'Trust' but 'Infidelity' is a serious issue that has been cleverly and aptly addressed. Well written though.Bhavin(www.blogsbybugs.blogspot.com)

  • Dipesh Shah

    >Supperb…February 5 at 10:04am

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