>Lessons Learnt From ‘3 Idiots’


After watching this movie, I was awestruck. I must confess, I even shed a few tears during the course of the movie. Don’t ask me why (many have, by now), because I really don’t have an idea.

To be frank, I was going to skip this movie, but, someone then advised me saying that I ‘must’ watch it. And so it was, on the last day of the year that has just gone, I went to watch the movie with my friends.

As the movie gossips hit the headline way back in May-June, I thought his was a movie that would have much to do with silly people, like Krazzy 4 was. It was only later that I was informed that it was somewhat based on ‘Five Point Someone’ by Chetan Bhagat. And even later (actually after the movie), that I realized that it was about a life that ‘could’ probably be mine.

And so, here I am, jotting down the lessons I learnt from this amazingly exceptional movie.

1. Flourish Thy Friendship – The very first scene of the movie when Farhan (R. Madhavan) gets out of his flight with an excuse and then Raju (Sharman Joshi) forgets to wear his pants in a haste to meet their friend, Rancho (Aamir Khan) whom they hadn’t met since their graduation five years back, is true reflection of what the importance of some friend’s is in our lives. The friendship that flourishes once, will always…

2. Fearlessly Protest – When the ragging is going on, Rancho gives the one of the seniors a real electric shock and makes him realize that he won’t succumb to ragging. Isn’t that what we need to curb the evil of ragging? It just keeps passing from one batch to the next just because of a wish to revenge.

3. Speak Your Mind, Voice Your Opinion – When the director of the institute comes to address the students, Rancho asks a question which may seem silly, but, it’s somehow, really sensible on further pondering. It means that we shouldn’t worry about what the world will say, but, just get out there and say what we feel truly…

4. Greatness Lies Within – Teachers aren’t Gods. You can’t agree to any and every point of theirs. You need to learn from them, but, only what you think is to be learnt. If you think they are wrong, don’t behave rudely while trying to prove them, but, defeat them at their own game.

5. Don’t Rote Or You Will Rot – Do I need to explain this point? Everyone who has seen the movie surely had a laughter ride while watching this scene!

6. Give Free Helpful advices – If you see something about which you have a better perspective, don’t be afraid to tell. You surely have an opinion, may be it’s not the best, but, it’s yours and unique.

7. Help, It’s Helpful – Sometimes, you don’t know what your help can do! Just do it. You may face tirades because of it, but, when your help is seen, it will surely be counted for.

8. If You Can’t Convince, Confuse! – Well, if you get late while completing the paper, just mix the papers so that the supervisor can’t make out which one is yours. Similarly, if no one is trying to understand you, just blurt out some nonsense and make them confused about their own opinion.

9. Don’t Ever Drink! It Makes You Careless – As seen in the real world too, people don’t really know what they do when they are in the hangover. They sometimes do the right things, but, complicate things even more the other times.

10. Respect Elders – Whoever they may be, whatever they may have done to you, they deserve respect by virtue of them being elder to you. So, give them what they deserve.

11. Selflessness – Be selfless. There is a world around you which expects somethings from you too. May be the expectations aren’t sold, but, you need to buy them without being conveyed.

12. Chase – Chase excellence, not success… If you excel, success will automatically follow. I don’t think this has to be elaborated more.

13. Fool Your Heart – The heart’s a funny organ. It gets afraid with small things. Make it realize that nothing will ever be wrong even in the worst situations and you will be out of them soon…

14. Follow Your Heart – Do what you think you can do best. The world is just superficial. You are not answerable to them. You are answerable to yourself over what you create for yourself, the world you live in.

15. Innovate, Change – Think differently, out of the box. If you know a=b, don’t end your answer there. Check if a=c. May be even that will help.

This is no review. There are many on the web. This is just a compilation of the things I think we need to learn from ‘3 Idiots’. Some aren’t conveyed directly, but, need to be deduced upon. Hope you can connect to the scene the learning is from.

Kudos to this amazing movie!


4 responses to “>Lessons Learnt From ‘3 Idiots’

  • Subhash Jha

    >Dear SetuVery nice piece. I second your opinions with all heart.Keep writing, it makes you a better person.Peace

  • Devika

    >wat you have written yaar!!!!!awesum……..one of ur best blog….its really hearttouching!!!!!!!!this will inspire many of them….keep it up…….i vl be waitin 4 ur nxt wonderful blog!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shobha

    >If my 16yrs old son can learn so much from a 3 hr entertainment movie. I believe he does not require any teachings from mom. I am speechless… No words to express….He just needs to keep his eyes and ears open and sky is the limit…

  • Bhavin

    >Ur best blogpost till date… Enlighten the world around u in da same manner. Kudos!January 11 at 4:58pmBhavin(www.blogsbybugs.blogspot.com)

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