>Christmas Is Here!

>Merry Christmas!

Christmas… The word reminds me of a really grand festival which marks the birthday of Jesus Christ, the great prophet.

The first picture that comes to my mind (and most others) is obviously, the Christmas tree, with a star on the top! Gifts surrounding the tree and the small coloured balls hanging on it from every small branch. And, who can forget the beautiful scenery on the outside? Pure white snow everywhere… Houses illuminated by yellow lights…

The Christmas decorations and gifts are something everyone in the family takes efforts for.

The Christmas delicacies, especially the cake and the chocolates… The socks that are hung outside the window by kids in hope of the Santa Clause dropping gifts for them.

And, how can I forget the such holy people and animals associated with Christmas. The reindeer who pulls the Santa’s flying sledge, the milk white rabbits, the red-outfitted, extremely fat, long-beard guy, with a big red bag, whom we popularly know as ‘Santa Clause’!

The day which begins with the Church’s mass and the collectively sung Christmas carols always have many reasons to make us smile. It always is nice to spend time on such a festive occasion with the family.

The Christmas evening, one of the most-awaited parts of the day… And also, the concept of the perfect meal that exists for that day… Buns and breads, cakes and pastries, chocolates and biscuits, puddings and pies… Everything in a variety of flavours… What a sumptuous supper that is! And, as the cherry on the top, a glass full of sherry…

Everything, of such a day would be just so perfect, memorable, different, unforgettable, enriching…

The Christmas, of this kind, spent with the one’s own family members can’t ever be forgotten as there are these small little things which do mean a lot.

I just hope that some day in future, I get to spend such a traditional Christmas with all my near-and-dear-ones… I want a Christmas to remember… At least one…

Merry Christmas!


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