>The Return Of The ‘Paisa’…

>Hey there,

“Grandma, may I take those coins lying there? I hope you don’t mind that.”

“Mom, can I take the coins of USA, UK, France, etc. that lie in the cupboard? I would like to have them for my coin album.”

“Mom! Grandma just found a coin of the early Gujarat kings’ times! And, the cherry on the cake is, that I can have it!”

These were my reactions and requests, few years back, to have the coins of various countries of the world and the antiques of India. I still remember the pains with which I filled my own coin album (yes, specially designed for fitting coins) in ascending order of their denominations. It was a different hobby which I took up out of astonishment.

Today, as I look back into my school years, it’s one of the best things that happened to me. And, that’s where this post actually begins!
So many coins! The medieval Indian coins when the 1/12 anna, 1/2 anna, etc. were the coins of maximum denomination.

As I look through business news channels, the minimum figures I hear from them are xyz millions of dollars turnover, profit, sales, etc.!

And, I wonder about how vast our monetary world is getting! To infinity and beyond, and infinitesimally small!

My frequent travels and hoardings all around the roads made me realize today, that, the return of the paise, the 1/100th of the lowest denomination in use today (a rupee), is inevitable! Telecom operators are cutting costs like never before and this tariff war has now come down to half a paise per second call rates and a paise a 160-character message! Heaven for those teens out there like me who love to forward nice messages to everyone, but, don’t considering the amount that would reflect in their bill or their recharge getting drained!
Such tariff wars that these guys resort to, to gain more subscriber base and in fact are helpful to us, the mobile users, in the end.

I just hope that some day soon now, the ‘Paisa’ will make it’s re-debut in our lives, and then, kids like me, who have the treasured coins of the past, will be those whom everyone will turn up to for change! And above it all, the coins will soon have a place of respect far above what they had, just because of this re-introduction!

It would so be out of the usual… Different…



One response to “>The Return Of The ‘Paisa’…

  • Bhavin

    >Da way u mixed da past wid current… It was a fab. It actually shows how u reconnect thinking. It was lyk using gandhigiri in hitler era.Bhavin(www.blogsbybugs.blogspot.com)

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