>Hello readers,

I know it has been really long since my last post and I truly apologise for not being able to provide you with some reading stuff…

The world is such a place to live in that we just can’t describe it. We are almost always finding faults with it, but, love living in it at the same time. It’s just hypocrisy most of the times.

And, when it comes to the end of the world, there is no one whom I know who believes the world will come to an end… May be today, tomorrow, years later, or even centuries… But, all those whom I have come across till today are people with the attitude that ‘I-don’t-think-world’s-ever-gonna-come-to-an-end!’

Doomsday may not just be real. Who cares if it is? I do.

It’s not always that we switch off the lights and fans when not in use, not always that we turn off our cars at the signal, not always that we make sure we aren’t just wasting resources, not always that we mend a leaking water tap as soon as possible… Why is it so? Just because of that attitude… May be we don’t accept it completely, but, somewhere inside us, we surely are of that opinion, even if it is in traces.

Even I was such, until I saw a copy of a presentation (which was originally presented by the then President Of India, APJ Abdul Kalam). He’s someone whom I respect and look up to, and the way he depicted the future that beholds, it just made me more anxious.

And, you must be wondering why am I saying all this now. Today is 21st December, 2009. There’s a prediction of an apocalypse on 21st of December, 2012, predicted since the Mayan civilization and Nostradamus.

I really don’t know if that will ever happen, but, what I know is, if our activities are just the way they are now, would living in a ‘Happy World’ ever be possible? Would we be able to live in a world where poverty and inability are the subtle ways to define life? Would we be able to breathe pure, fresh, rejuvenating air? Would we have enough green patches to support our existence? Would it be that the world will face the worst crisis ever? How about paying everyday for the air we breathe? Bald heads just to avoid wasting water by using them for washing, sounds great, doesn’t it? And seeing your son, daughter, grand-son, grand-daughter born with inborn deformities which can’t ever be corrected?

I would say, it would be better to have a doomsday, than to face such crises!

And, if we don’t want us or our future generations to face such crises, I would say immediate steps are necessary. It’s high time that the human civilization realized that it’s ‘Now or Never’ in the true sense of the words…



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