>Inspiration Or Enthusiasm

>In life, every moment is different. Every moment brings something new to us. Something to learn, something to cherish, something to smile about. Sometimes, we cry before we laugh, sometimes we mourn before celebrating, sometimes we fear before approaching. But, everything in the end has to end on a goody-goody note.

As we are social animals, we are nothing alone. We need some sort of frenzy to live and some reasons to hope. And, these reasons are usually provided to us, by, none other than our near-and-dear-ones. And, often there is more than one person responsible for it. Sometimes, they are our mentors, sometimes friends, sometimes, they are just there… By our side.

And, if you ask me, I would want to put all of them into categories. Categories which determine if we are inspired by them, or enthused. When I began blogging, there were two such people in my life too. And since then, I have been trying to decide which category either of them belongs. Seems like finally I am successful!

There are people who are our mentors, those who point out our mistakes and help us master our skills. They trust us, they let us know what our strengths are and what are our weaknesses. They are the real reason for us becoming better with every new day. They make us realize the need to look out for difficulties and then, help ourselves. They never provide us with solutions in our hand, but, tell us about the pros and cons of each and every choice we might make. They never let the talent inside us die. These are the people who provide us with the enthusiasm.

And, there are those whose mere presence in our lives, who incite various conversations, stir up thoughts, and instigate our thinking process. They silently tell us millions of things. They sometimes are themselves unaware of their contribution to our lives. They are the bank of ideas we have. They are silently supportive. They might not be the best critics or the most blunt admirers of our talents, but, they don’t falter in helping us. The thinking process is initiated just because of them!

And, I hope I help you to realize who these people are in your life, in each activity, there can be different people. Sometimes, unknowingly, a single person occupies both these positions in our lives. And, sometimes, it’s we ourselves who does these tasks.



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