>If I had ‘Nothing’ To Do Or Speak…

>Every morning, every blogger, who updates his blogs frequently, is posed with one question. What do I write about in my next blog?

Should I write on what happens in the world, the news, the current affairs and my opinions about them, like most bloggers around the world do? Or should I blurt out what my heart says? Or should I measure what I am writing because people might even judge me on the basis of what I have written.

But, at times, the question doesn’t come through or the answer is obtained in talks with someone unknowingly. The discovery of this topic too was obtained in the latter fashion.

How many times have we been asked “What else?” or “What’s up?” and we end up answering the same old, “Nothing” in the most dull possible tone. And, most of the times, even after having this answer, the conversation kicks off. We mine through the topics and begin talking about various things which sometimes doesn’t have an end. And, as it’s said, the world’s round, and we are back to the same question, “What else?” Everything’s the same, except the end, when the topics which begin are truly new.

If we have nothing ever to say, how does our dear friend, the one around the corner – our pillar of support when we are down, the beholder of our most secret treasures, the person who actually reads us by our eyes and says if we happy, in pain, or are in a lighter mood – tell us in a split second, in a stark manner, to just blurt out our grievances because they are there to listen.

If we have nothing ever to say, how do our parents – those who have known us since the moment we came to life, those to whom our happiness means everything, who aim to give us a life of our dreams, those who have just one aim in their lives, the happiness of their children, those for whom the day neither begins nor ends without talking to their children, who come to know what we are going through even if it goes unspoken because they have known us even when we didn’t know the art of speaking – just take the burden of our shoulders by saying, ‘It’s okay to falter, but, the learning is, not to repeat it again. Because, the habit of faltering will take us nowhere in life.’

And there are even those times, when we feel like doing ‘Nothing’. Doing nothing but talking to a dear friend, doing nothing but listening to our favourite music, going for a drive, going to the beach, etc. This is our ‘Nothing’!

If I had nothing to do, I would not be in this place. I would not be living! If I had nothing to do, I would have been in heaven (because in hell, you need to face the pain and torture, according to the mythologies told to me, and that won’t be nothing).

Wouldn’t it be great to actually not being bombarded with responsibilities to do various tasks? Wouldn’t it be great to just sit or stand somewhere and worry about nothing? Wouldn’t it be awesome enough to just ‘be’? Wouldn’t it be all to live for? Wouldn’t there be anything I would have to do? Would we realize when time sped by? Wouldn’t we enjoy a world without boundaries, limitations, restrictions, and snags? Wouldn’t it be lovely to never feel the need to rejuvenate our own selves? Wouldn’t it feel amazingly good to just know that you don’t need to talk, chide, express, communicate,if we didn’t have to cry over small tragedies, to laugh on stupid jokes? Wouldn’t it be at par with the lives we end up day-dreaming about?

If someone asks me this, I would say, it wouldn’t, not for me. Just because, these things don’t make me realize what I am supposed to do, what people expect from me, they don’t make me responsible, they don’t let me interact with my loved ones, they don’t make me feel complete, they don’t have a sense of oneness in them and loneliness prevails, they violate the definition of human beings which defines them as ‘social animals’, they can’t gift me the happiness and satisfaction which I get otherwise, they wouldn’t be moments I would cherish. They would just ‘be’ a few moments.

And, if I end up in such a life, I pledge to you that I won’t stop rummaging for the moments and things which mean more than life to me… Even if they are pigsty for some, they are the most palpable blooming flowers I can ever have… They touch the chords of my life…

Signing off…


One response to “>If I had ‘Nothing’ To Do Or Speak…

  • Bhavin

    >A perfect example of taking out something out of nothing… There is so much to learn from Nothing. A beautiful piece etched through this post. What really made me smile was this particular line, "How many times have we been asked "What else?" or "What's up?" and we end up answering the same old, "Nothing" in the most dull possible tone. And, most of the times, even after having this answer, the conversation kicks off."This one's a gem… You pulled off the rabbit out of hat. Well done.. Eager to read more of your works.Bhavin(www.blogsbybugs.blogspot.com)

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