>Marvels Of Nature

>Hello dear readers,

There are people and situations in our life who instigate some profound thinking. The same spell was cast on me by the serene beauty of the place I visited two weeks ago. I was left awestruck by the series of thoughts that came to my mind when I began thinking on ‘Marvels of Nature’… Am just trying to recreate the magic (that I succumbed to) here today.

The sparkle of the dew on the leaf, the slow fall of the snowflake on our face, the beautiful sky during the sunset, the star-cast sky, the everything… How did it all come to life?

Our world was probably created because of a destructive (or should I say constructive, because I owe the ability to write this blogpost to it) celestial event called the ‘Big Bang’. Though, there aren’t any solid proofs as to how and why it occurred, it seems that two huge stars moving at relatively high speeds collided into each other and in turn, gave birth to many other stars and solar systems… Of which, one is ours.

The gravitational pull of the sun not only shaped floating particles of dust into almost spherical bodies, but also brought them into their respective orbits. In the course of around another million years, the first life on earth took birth. From then, the being went on developing. There were various kinds of animals and plants which developed from that first alga. Then, a catastrophe shook the earth. All the life on earth was lost in a jiffy like it had never existed before…

But, life developed again and was lost for a second time. Hope seemed to have been lost like the presence of sunlight in the dark chambers. But, then, life began afresh. The first forms of the human being, the apes, appeared and since then, there hasn’t been any stopping.

But, all that we use today and is given to us by Mother Nature, is something we owe to the previous two generations of the creatures that owned the earth at some time or the other. It is them whom we owe our existence to.

If not for them, we wouldn’t have had the millions of litres of mineral oil which we dig out everyday. If not for them, we wouldn’t have had any of the metals, which we use in various appliances everyday. If not for them, we would have not been able to know many of the mysteries of the universe. If not for them, the earth wouldn’t have revived itself to make it more favourable for the existence of life on earth. If not for them, we would have probably never even existed, forget about living. If not for them, we would never know that we should be ready for natural calamities, even as devastating as the ones which can turn us into inanimates.

But, there’s someone who is doing all this. And that’s the ‘Almighty’. There are various names give to him by everyone, Bhagwan, God, Allah, to name a few. He’s planning up there and I surely need to admire His foresight for that. I believe He Himself has learnt His lessons when two fiascos brought the world of His loved ones to the ashes.

The learnings He has had, are the reasons we are leading a better life with every coming day.

The birds chirping and singing hymns, the small streams of waterfall on the ghat which trickle down its surface and provoke a rush of smile through it, the last time you could see an animal in the open, not caged, not strapped, in its natural form, the animals which dwell in the forest, the plants which equip us with food, the evening sun which colours the sky in different hues everyday, the stars which shine far in the night sky, the blue sky which we see early in the morning from the parapet, balcony or terrace, the first drops of rain which fall on our face, the jump into the sea gushing towards the shore without much thought, the soft breeze of the morning washing our face with a new hope and delight, the delicacies that leave us licking our fingers, the strength we get when we survive through difficult situations, the smile and tear which appear on our face together, the innocent smile on the face of a child seeing which we can’t resist smiling ourselves, the moments which bring us joy, the times when we keep staring at the horizon for hours together, the last hug on the porch of our house from a dear friend, the moments when we stare into the eyes of the special people in our lives, speaking nothing, but yet, saying everything, I believe, these are the true Marvels of Nature, the irresistible gems, which are the gift to us from the second to none, God.

These, in my opinion, are the pearls of our life, from the oysters of nature… Enjoy them!



2 responses to “>Marvels Of Nature

  • Bhavin

    >Finally I get a chance to post a comment… I guess this post was more like a magnet for me that forced me to post a comment. The way this post has been described is absolutely a top notch. In fact, a reader can definately visualize the whole thing that has been written in The Marvels Of Nature. It starts right from the Big Bang theory to destruction and then rising back like a phoenix. What sets the bar apart is the simplication of the description that helps the reader to visualize the marvels of nature… Wow! is the only word that can set the whole post and comment straight. Kudos! Gr8 job…Regards,Bhavin(www.blogsbybugs.blogspot.com)

  • Anonymous

    >weneva i read ur blogs i alwayz thnk d one im readin is d best one u hav written til nw….bt as u keep on writin mre im alwayz lost fr words…….bt dis blog was tooo good!! while i was readin i cud imagine wat u hv written n it felt dat i was present over der…..srsly d post was damn brilliant!!!!Harshita

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