>Diwali Dhamaka (Festive Blast)

>The festival of lights… The day when evil was defeated by the righteous… The day when one of the Gods attained his ultimate journey, away from this negatively charged world into the castles of heaven… What do I say about this immensely important day of Indian mythology?

These things make very less difference to people in the lifestyle we live today. But, there are those faithfuls who still, on every single occasion, make sure to make everyone they meet realize the immense importance of the occassion.

What I feel is, the occasions to cherish such reasons are turning to mere festivals. Festivals which signify nothing less than bursting of crackers, spreading smiles by the means of irreversible changes which are a danger to the existence of the future generations, burning of the desi Indian candle, the ‘Diwa’ which have changed from the old and primitive but meaningful shape and sober design to fancy, expensive and meaningless designs which do nothing except appeal the eyes.

In the meanwhile, the days which a family should celebrate together, in perfect harmony, are celebrated individually and in ways which are neither good for human growth, nor, what is advised.

The changes in these things sometimes turn pretty depressing. It’s like what you feel when you see a flower which has withered away completely and you keep thinking about the time when it was completely lively. Days change, times change, and people change. And I guess we will have to get acquainted to this kind of life… With the world, yet into our own world…

And what is ruling my thoughts currently as I write this is what will be the case of these occasions ten years down the line? Will they just end up like parties of the west? People throw parties, others attend and these bashes are on the Page 3 of the newspapers and tabloids. Is that all where we are headed to?

Simple logic… Revive or revamp… And we are currently on the path of the latter…

Aloha to the new year and Aloha to the Desi Indian Culture… You decide for yourself what meaning of ‘Aloha’ are you gonna give the latter for…


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