>Wake Up Sid!?

>When was the last time you saw a movie because it was a big banner movie, had a promising title, an unusual pair, and a debutant director. If someone poses that question to me, I would say, “Yesterday!”

Yesterday (because it is 1:06 am as I begin writing), I went for ‘Wake Up Sid’. A movie which should have been better than what it probably is now.

For starters, the movie has a great deal of promise but which all ends as a disappointment. As anyone would have thought, in the opening scenes, our spoilt-rich-brat Siddharth Mehra (Ranbir Kapoor) is seen as a dude who is lousing around and falls asleep when he’s studying for his exams which are scheduled for the next day.

Jumping off directly to his results (before which the story is very slow and he is flaunting all the money that his father has earnt) and he comes to know that he has failed when all his friends made it through the examinations. Shit! How could I fail! Typical arrogance rules his mind and he has a tiff with his parents which further leads him to running out of his safe haven.

Flashback: In the farewell party of his college (after the exams, before the results) he meets a girl, Aisha Banerjee (Konkona Sen Sharma) who is not primarily from Mumbai and comes to this city to materialise her dreams. As usual, the hero goes around with her to the typical hangout place, Marine Drive. He helps her settling in Mumbai and they become good buddies.

So, when Sid leaves his house, he just drops into Aisha’s house (who should have behaved conservative and tried to make him understand that hasty decisions land no one anywhere) and makes himself comfortable. Aisha’s a bit (okay, a lot because it’s 7 years) older than Sid and thinks he behaves immaturely and in ways which are childish than what should be.

Then, as expected, Sid tries to improve his image in the eyes of Aisha and the story goes on until she helps him get a job in the magazine she works. Courtesy: The photography skills he received in his blood from his dad whom he left hurt.

He receives his first pay-check… Gives it to his dad to show that he too can be responsible… They patch-up and he returns to his own house… She gets wild because he almost leaves without even informing her… In the meantime, she gets a chance to write a column and after much thought, she ends up writing a column which is dedicated to Sid… And, they both realize they love each other…

I didn’t get a few things which should have been a part of the movie… Where were the surprises? Why was there nothing that could have made it more interseting rather than boring? Why did the story go on as anyone would have anticipated it to? Why did it seem pretty monotonous? Why did it seem like nothing really makes a difference to him? And, how did Sid so simply give up his dreams without even much of a thought?

I don’t really think Sid wakes up even at the end of the movie because just when one of his dreams is bursted into reality, it seems as if he is all set to fantasize again the life that he would soon wish to live…

I think I will have to watch it again and try to see if I get the answers to these questions…

Till then,


One response to “>Wake Up Sid!?

  • Bhavin

    >Wake Up Setu..Lol. I know this is not the movie to be made. Because you are a gem of a writer who knows his responsibilty. A reviewer's part is to review the product. True. You did your job excellently. But I would like to answer your questions on my blog someday. It may not have answers of all 'whys' present in this post. But hopefully they will be minimised.But just as all fingers are not equal, similarly all minds don't think alike. When Ayaan made this movie, his motive wasn't to answer the questions. He just wanted to express his creativity. The same way that you have been expressing.According to my knowledge, the kid has done a decent job to do justice to this subject. Because taking out top notch performances from Ranbir and Konkana isn't any Tom Dick or Harry's cup of tea.Hope you get my point.Regards,Bhavin(www.blogsbybugs.blogspot.com)

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