>First of all, don’t guess that I have just visited Hawai or something because am writing on something that has its origin in the Hawaiian islands of North America.

The first time I came across this word was a song, ‘Aloha Barack Obama’ and I had understood the meaning of the word as welcome. Recently, I had a friend telling me ‘Aloha’ as a matter of good-bye. I was left in a predicament of rare sorts. I just couldn’t make my mind as to which one of the two was true. The prior was as a welcome to the honorary President and the latter was as a farewell.

I decided to unearth the meaning for myself so that I don’t face the dilemma again.

We meet people in every walk of our life and then their presence in our lives provides us comfort. We welcome them in any and every phase of our life. ‘Aloha dear!’ is what our first reaction turns to.

Then, we spend some time with them. Know them better. And its time to bid them ‘Sayonara’.

We really sometimes can face a question of sorts when someone says ‘Aloha’ to us. Was that to welcome me, or, was it to say good-bye?

I still will face this dilemma because of the courtesy of this beautiful and peculiar word ‘Aloha’! And I guess that’s the reason the song ‘Aloha Barack Obama’ was written so that a new song won’t have to be written to bid him bye. Thoughtful on the part of the lyricist, I must say!



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