Hi there,
This topic first seemed pretty silly to me to write about, but then, I thought I would even then give it a try. And the only reason why I decided giving it a try is that my friends have been one of the major factors who have shaped me the way I am today. So, this was the payback time.
We meet many people in our everyday walk of life. It becomes pretty tedious to remember each one of those whom we meet. But, even then, there are these few (and many for some) people whose presence in our life is cherished, whose absence makes a difference to the way our life goes ahead. We call them friends.
I don’t know who coined this word ‘Friend’ and neither do I know who defined it, but, I just know one thing, in everyone’s life, there are people whom we confer the degree of being our friends, the valued people in our lives, and there’s a specific image created in our minds once someone says the word ‘Friend’.
We meet people, we are interested to know them better, we get acquainted with them, we wish to be a piece of their lives and we eventually become friends. These people eventually end up to be the most valued friends we have ever had. And, we are never ever the same after we have known someone like them who help us to become better individuals.
There are times when we need them, times when they need us, times when we clash, times when we love them, times when our opinion about friends on-the-whole changes due to specific events, and times when the meaning is revived in a totally new sense because of a few new people who enter our lives.
And slowly times change. The days when we used to hang out on daily basis changes to once a month and eventually once a year. The days when we used to talk on the phone for hours together changes to a call here or a message there, that too, just once a fortnight or so. But, even then, there is a certain kind of trust and belief in the relationships that we share with our friends which tells us that despite the distance, the friendship never dies… The degree of closeness doesn’t decrease.
Someone has very rightly said, “Life isn’t when you miss ‘someone’. It is when you know that that ‘someone’ also misses you at the same time.” And then we realize that there are a few reasons to smile when we wake up every new day. A few reasons to hope that tomorrow will be a better day than it was today. A few reasons to just cherish the memories that seem to be a part of the distant past. A few reasons to streamline the past into perspective and hope for the future that would perhaps be even more mesmerizing… And these reasons are nothing but those people of our lives whom we call ‘Friends’.
I just want to dedicate this piece to all my friends out there who have been the constant pillars of support of my life, even when their lives were in a turmoil, without even giving it a thought what they were putting on stake… I just hope that this strong pillar of your support never breaks… Thank you guys…

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