>Mirage Of Life


We all seem to be victims of a simple yet complicated problem. What is life exactly?
Some say it’s a game, play it the way it should be played. Some say it’s mystery, unlock the treasures when they are ought to be. Some say it’s a story (or a novel), which will neccessarily have a happy-ending. Some say life is a gift, a gift from the almighty and we should make the best use of it. Some say, some say, we can go on and on about what we think life is!
But, one of the least comprehended fact is that life is just a sort of mirage…
We see something, we expect something, and finally things don’t turn out that way, we compromise… That’s life. We hope to be with our loved ones, in the protection of their unconditional love and support, but, sometimes, our hopes are belied… That’s life. We feel something, we need something, we want something, we get something… That’s life. We need to talk to someone, we need to share with someone, we need to cry in front of someone, we need to make someone laugh, and then the plan falters… That’s life.
We always get so busy in our day-to-day earn-a-bread-for-living and minting-money-for-spending-again that we don’t really realize when we have gone on to be people who we never had been. We meet new people everyday. We grow our contact list on a daily basis, but, we forget that in the contact list that exists, there are those who think about us in a particular way, a particular fashion. There’s a photo of us in their minds that’s ought to be created when they think about us. And what we gotta do is, live up to their hopes for us.
In this race to be what we aren’t, to get that materialistic happiness, to build a safe haven, we just forget that there are people around us who really care for us, for whom we really are something to cherish about in life, who really wonder if we are doing fine. These also happen to be the people from whom we expect beyond bounds and those who do the same about us. And in this journey of creating the perfect-world we wish to live in, we just don’t seem to get enough of anything.
And in this process we begin living in a mirage which we create for ourselves… This is when we reach the horizon where the mirage actually did exist and everything begins to come crashing down. Things don’t seem to go green, situations make us tumble, and people make us weep.
We go through that phase. Quickly in and slowly out of it. And finally we are dragged into the quicksand and the same procedure seems to repeat itself until we finally attain peace from this world…
Until my next mirage…

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