>Complications Simplified: Is It Worth A Read?

>I am back… and this post is not like my previous two.

This blog-post is a review of a book I recently came across by the courtesy of a dear friend, who could grab an e-book copy of the book (even when the book hasn’t been published), and I went ahead with it because I found the prologue of the book interesting. So, I was fortunate enough to read this book. The author of this not-so-famous book is Bhavin Shah.

The story is a fiction about the life of two best friends, Ron and Roy, living in south Bombay and the ways in which their lives get entangled and disentangled in the period after their graduation. The way they seem to get a hold of their life and lose it even before they could realize they did. Their love for the most essential people in their life and how those people somehow misunderstand them, and all the relationships come crashing down. And, at last, the ‘All’s well that ends well’ finale.

A simple but profound story is very well presented here by the author. The vocabulary speaks that the person is well-read and has knowledge of use of words and phrases.

But, once you are with the book and think about the story again, you realize that the story is kind of a mash-up of various Shah Rukh Khan movies that I have seen – Devdas (the loss of love phases for both the friends), Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham (the way a family breaks down when a kid contemplates marrying a girl of his choice, and not his parents’), Kal Ho Na Ho (hero dies in the end and the cat of truth is let out of the bag), Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (ends up with his best friend finally). Somewhere after reading the gist, my expectations had increased and I thought this depiction could probably have been avoided by something that would be more close to life. I am a fan of SRK myself (may be not to a very great extent), but, even then, I feel that the immaturity of the Indian cinema on the entertainment-base and revenue generating movies is pointless (detailed movie talks in some of my later blog).

The things that I liked about the book include how the story was interwoven and the popular saying: “Destiny decides who comes into your life, and gets to stay in your life…” was depicted… It couldn’t have been better.

The best part of this novel (or I should say mini-novel) were the poetry that pierce straight through the heart and the pain is felt when you read the book.

One more astounding part I would like to mention was how Roy decoded Ron’s diary, even though he hadn’t been in any kind of communication with Ron about his life since three years (when they had parted ways). This shows the extents to which friends know each other despite the boundaries of distance and time…

The quotes of the friends, which speak all about love. This one from Roy:

“It is simple to fall in love, yet the most difficult part is to find someone to catch you. That is why we say that Love is Simply Complicated.”

This really made me think twice about it… And the next by Ron:

“One does not ‘fall’ in or out of love. One ‘grows’ in love.”

How true are these! And their significance in our lives is so subtle yet so profound! the manner in which they have been put forth in the book is truly mind-boggling. It totally blew me off!

On the whole-Its a great book with a one-of-its-kind storyline. A must read for those who think their lives are define sorrows and their graveness.

Just hoping that someday I will be able to write books like this or probably even better…


P. S. 1: The link of the complete book is attached herewith. If it doesn’t work, the links for various chapters are below:
Cover page
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15

P. S. 2: I am no critic, just a well-wisher. I just wrote what I felt after going through the book. I don’t wish to harm the feelings of any fans of the novel. And, I regret if I am hurting anyone by this, and I am sorry from the heart if I have.


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